BUILD: Toyota Crown Majesta

A tattoo artist's walk on the Vip side

Photos: Matti Tirronen  

You wouldn't believe that a guy who has some what five other car projects and does tattoos would have time to build something like this? Well Junnu seems to have. When does this guy sleep?


What artists commonly share, is the urge to stand out. That is one of the reasons why Janne 'Junnu' Thusberg decided to build possibly the best Vip build here in Finland. A proper Vip car is a random sight here, nevertheless a car with as many custom modifications as this one has. And all the modifications are done with preciseness and care. The Toyota Crown Majesta  UZS151 platform was new and old enough at the same time for the following modifications. Also the body is super rare, as it has been manufactured only on one year in the history of Crown Majestas. Even though it might seem that a very strict Vip pattern is followed here, Junnu is building this constantly evolving build just to satisfy his vision. But as you can see, there's lots of influence and inspiration received from the East. 


When you see this car in person you immediately notice the large wheels and the on-point-fitment. The wheel arches have been raised around 50 to 80 millimeters around. The rear door have been modified and the steel arches and the custom bumbers are all Junnu's design. This way the large body rests on the ground and still keeps the wheels not tucking too much. The front bumber is a fusion of the original and surprisingly, a Toyota Hiace's bumber. The rear features Crown Majesta led lights and a custom Lexus Ls bumber. The car was painted with the purest white possible, Toyota Super White, with a dash of black to accent the pureness. 


The interior is custom of course, made at TiCaBo. The interior is paired with an Altezza steering wheel, SK-Autosound hifis: Boston top end 2-ways, DLS A7 and JL Audio sub.


Nothing but the best in the chassis. Lots of modifications to improve the geometry. Accuair E-Level, Air Zenith compressor, all provided by the trusty Lowtoys.


The wheels are from, surprise surprise, a small set of 500 ever made SSR Agles. Both ends repping negative offsets to space them out aggressively. To bring out the wheels, Junnu installed K-Sport big brake kit with custom machined faces. Also Junnu's logo can be found from around and inside the car.

Details matter. 


This car  might seem finished and perfect. But from the quick chat I had with Junnu, he seemed to have lots of plans already. 


Toyota Crown Majesta UZS151

Onwer | Janne 'Junnu' Thusberg

Suspension | Bagged, Accuair E-Level, custom chassis parts, Air Zenith compressor etc.

Wheels & Tires | SSR Agle 19 9,5 & 19 10,5 both negative offsets

Interior | TiCaBo custom interior with Junnu's special touches, Altezza steering wheel

Exterior | Custom bumbers & wheel arches, Modified Toyota Super White paint