BUILD: VW Golf 1.5 1982

Guideline Mk1 Golf: a Mercedes enthusiast's side show

Text & Photo: CDLC.CO


What you see here could be considered as a perfect Mk1 project. Or at least a good start of one. Antti Koski bought this very original Golf one year ago and it already is looking like this. 


It came with the classic BBS RM wheels. Now they have grown in width, the lips and also the faces are polished. Small touches that count. 


A Mk1 Golf is a design classic. This ones body is in great shape considered the age. Antti replaced the plastic bumpers with small chrome bumper set. 


The same pattern follows through the whole car. The interior is mainly original, or modified to that taste. The wooden Nardi sits beautifully next to the brown dash and seats. The upgraded audio is fitted without modding the original panels.


It sits low but not ridiculously low like the majority of the modded Volkswagens out there. I wouldn't say the height is a compromise, I think it sits perfect.


The Mk1 yellow is on of those rare to see colors. 


The owner, Antti Koski, said that this car is a keeper. Part by part, section by section this thing will be perfected. 


Volkswagen Golf 1.5 Automatic 1982 5-door

Owner | Antti Koski @aannttttii

Suspension | Ta-Technics coilovers, urethane bushings, rest of the chassis has received a lots of love, Gti brakes

Wheels & Tires | BBS RM 15x8 et 15, 185/45r15 

Interior | Original interior, original audio replaced with upgraded set, Nardi wooden steering wheel, "leather driving gloves"

Engine / Now stock, PL engine on the way (twin cards etc.)

Exterior / Original paint, small chrome bumpers, kept very classy


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