BUILD: Honda Accord 2007

Award-winning Accord

Photos: Santtu Kilpinen / avt0mat

You know Pasi, right? Everyone knows Pasi. Atleast you know his cars. They are low even on our standards and Pasi has the eye for details. You can't go wrong with a super clean and a super low car, now can you?

Pasi is the guy who has won a couple "Best Static" trophies at our Big Meets. Last summer with this exact Honda. You really have to step up to go past him. It isn't the amount of slam, but it's the package that counts; body, wheels, tires, fitment, clearance, fenders... Not so easy as you might think.

This precise Honda was supposed to be Pasi's girlfriend's daily driver. They bought it from a dealer in Lohja and surprise surprise, the build escalated, when one day the right set of OZ Futuras came by. Then Pasi made a sweet deal of a Euro R lip kit with a fellow member Koponen. The look started to take shape. The booty was complemented with a custom double exhaust. 

As we live and breath the 21st century we have this commodity known as internet. Pasi got to know a Honda enthusiast with whom he made a couple trades with. Pasi needed a set of Acura Tsx front grill and headlights. The Honda guy got the Euro set in exchange. What a sweet deal for both of them. The build took only a couple weeks to shape up. Quite a modest consume of time if you look at the outcome.

The details really matter. Pasi shaved and painted the front bumper, the lip kit, one door and the rear bumper to match the rest. Then he customized the rear wishbones to achieve the tuck. It was quite a hassle with the suspension geometry. One thing Pasi really recalls, from time spent hassling around the suspension and the wheels, is that the Futuras have a remarkably cool design. The center caps are something you don't see on every set. You know the saying that wheels make the car? At least they do complement this sweet Honda just the right way. 


Honda Accord 2.2i 2007

Owner | Pasi Markkanen

Suspension | BC Racing BR1 coilovers, adjustable camber kit

Wheels & Tires | OZ Futura 18 x 10 & 18 x  10.5, 225 35 Nankangs all around

Interior | original leather interior

Exterior | Accord Euro R front & rear lip kit, Acura Tsx lights & grill, window visors, tinted glasses