BUILD: Audi RS4 B5

A photographer, skateboarder, entrepreneur, family man and a petrol head. A living legend who spends most of his time on four wheels. Here is a few words of Jape's car history.

Photos: Santtu Kilpinen / avt0mat

Back in 2004 Jape Tiitinen found himself browsing trough the possible variations for a four wheel drive turbo wagon. The scope was quite strict, considering the possibilities we have available in Finland. Briefly the choice narrowed down to Audis. He first bought a 1.8T Quattro B5 A4 which lasted for a year. Then upgraded by a C5 A6 2.7 biturbo which he also owned for about a year. The turbos were upgraded to match RS4 ones and the exhaust was updated to suit the turbos better. A natural choice after the 2.7 biturbo was a B5 RS4. And this was a keeper. 

The hunger kept growing and soon Jape found himself tuning the classic performance oriented Audi. RS6 turbos, Autospeed manifolds, 630cc Deka injectors... The heads were rebuilt by Kosunen and the top end was rebuilt with Shricks oversized stainless valves. The fire shoots out of a Okkim 3 inch stainless downpipes combined with a Supersprint 3,25 inch cat back exhaust. Now packing around 600 horsepower / 800nM of torque. The thing sure sounds evil and it exits quite freaking quickly.

The cockpit is refined with performance and driveability in mind.

The cockpit is refined with performance and driveability in mind.

Jape has owned this car from 2007 and he hasn't looked back. Even though the RiSa (as we call it) has had its case of mondays, the love still carries on.


You might know Jape Tiitinen also from his skateboarding. Dude is no joke. And the love for wheels carries on to the cars as well. The RS has been seen sitting on a various sets of wheels, tens of them actually. From Rotiforms to OEM sets. But now a keeper, in the wheel game, has been found as well. Legendary BBS LMs sized 19x10 and 19x11. 

Originally black. Now wrapped white. Suits you sir.

Originally black. Now wrapped white. Suits you sir.

To keep it interesting Jape just bought a set of OEM C6 RS6 Peelers, in titanium finish in a size of 20x9,5. The car has always sitted the way it should, fast and driveable trough the tight corners. But with a set of twenties, the Audi might receive some adjustment on the ride height, just to make it sit right. 

What can you say. A package full of power combined with sleek style, you have a winner. Be sure to check out the JTMEDIA.FI video below.


Audi B5 RS4

Owner | Jape Tiitinen

Engine | RS6 turbos, Autospeed manifolds, 630cc Deka Injectors, Shrick oversized valves, Okkim 3 inch downpipes, Supersprint 3,25 exhaust, Sachs performance custom clutch setup for Fidanza lightweight flywheel etc. 

Suspension | KW1 Coilovers

Wheels & Tires | BBS LeMans 19x10 & 19x11, 235/35 & 265/30

Interior | Corbeau Lightweight seats, Carbon fiber parts, gauges etc.

Exterior | Glossy white wrap, slight upgrades and detailing