INFO: New name. New direction in the game.

What you are staring at right now, hopefully with a positively surprised face, is the remake of A phenomenon started as NPS, has now grown into CDLC.CO, shortened from Crème De La Crème Community

After we took the responsibility of NPS, we wanted to offer you guys something more than just a small refresh. The new name refers to "best of the best". Which we think all you can agree, when you consider the quality we put out. 

The first thing you'll notice, after the name change, is the new front page. Here you will receive the latest features, news and information you need concerning ours and the scene abroad. From the navigation bar above you can find our beloved forum and a new feature, the shop. There we will provide you hand-printed quality apparel trough out the year.

The updated forum has all the golden material maintained as is. The forum has been organized and the rules have been updated. Naturally your username and password is kept the same. Also as the front page is now in English, to keep our foreign members in mind, the forum is now bilingual. English or Finnish language, which feels the most natural to you, is best.

We hope that you will enjoy this new direction as much as we do. 



Antti Eskeli (Forum: john_gleasy)

Niko Aaltonen (Forum: niko)

CDLC Community