BUILD: Bmw 7-series Lang

A build done properly, with a super tight schedule.

Text & Photos: CDLC.CO

Presence. That's what this big bodied, dropped to the ground BMW offers. It stands out. Tuomas saw the possibilities this car offered and took it a bit further.

Tuomas Ketonen bought this BMW from another enthusiast. It had formerly been a static ride, but Tuomas wanted to take it to another level and maintain the driveability and the smooth ride that these Lang BMW's offer. He contacted Lowtoys and quickly this thing was slammed to the pavement thanks to a K-Sport Deluxe set. 

All leather here, no funny business. Just packed with factory goodies. 

The wheels came with the car from the previous owner. They look stunning, and you will never see another matching set. The massive wheel arches of a 740 eat those 12 inch wide back wheels no problem. No fender pulling there. Just a piece of beautiful automotive design refined.


BMW 740i e38 2000

Owner | Tuomas Ketonen

Suspension | K-Sport Deluxe kit, assembled at Lowtoys

Wheels & Tires | One-off CNC machined wheels, 19x9,5 & 19x12, 235 35 & 275 30 Hankooks 

Exterior | kept very original and true to the origin