BUILD: Lexus Is200

Originally a sport Lexus built with a pure vip style in mind. 

Text & Photos: CDLC.CO

Sometimes it takes time to get things right. Sometimes the right direction is found right away. In this build it's the latter. Niko has been fine-tuning this Lexus since the day one.
The first wheels he bought, were Work Eurolines. Slightly mild in width, so later on he upgraded them to match more aggressive specs.

Couple first years Niko rolled with a static D2 coilover set. At that time, bagged cars were a quite rare sight in Finland. After a while Niko deciced it was time to make this IS200 sit properly. He ordered a custom Lowtoys set with an Accuair E-level management. 

The interior was upgraded last winter to match the standards. The whole interior is wrapped with BMW Saddle brown leather and the front seats were upgraded to fully functional e46 M3 seats. 

Originally Jade green body received a fresh coat of Audi Shiraz Red paint. It was a change in the right direction. The color really pops in the sun light and looks almost pitch black when sitting in shadows. And after the last chassis modifications, finally the front wheels are tucking and the bumper rests on the ground, when aired out.

Everything comes to an end eventually. But rarely you can say that about car projects. For Niko, the Lexus received it's final stage last winter and it was time to move on. Any Cressidas out there for sale? ;)


Lexus Is200 1999

Owner | Niko Aaltonen @nikoninstag

Suspension | Bagged, D2 customized dampers in front. Custom dampers in the back. Universal airbags. Shortened knuckles etc.

Wheels & Tires | Work Euroline 18x9 et20 & 18x10 et15, 215 35 & 235 35 Falken

Interior | e46 M3 front seats, BMW Saddle Brown leather, DLS sound system

Exterior | Audi Shiraz Red, TRD / TTE Lip kit, lots of custom work.


The owner (now ex-owner) Niko is a co-founder of CDLC.CO.