BUILD: The VW Caddy

Passing on the positive, that's what life is all about.
And building cars. Of course.

Text & Photos: CDLC.CO

Why start with a 1000 euro worth of a Volkswagen and then pour a few times it's worth of money on top of it? Because it's not so stressful, says the owner. Try the same thing with a 40K Audi and you'll be sweatin'.

Antti Eskeli's Caddy is something you might be familiar with. Wide, small Tramont wheels, Manilla green paint and those very rare square shape Westy lights. It stands out of the rest of them. No thousands of dollars worth air suspension here. Not all leather interior. The audio set cost couple hundred but still sounds great. This thing shouts out the ideology of a budget build, but it is still done very right. 

Diy paint, diy bodywork, diy everything. Yes, the paint job isn't top notch, but it is just enough. After painting the car, the first dent was received the next day. Cars are meant to be used, they are meant to be driven hard. This thing goes fast enough to stick with the traffic. With the new 1.8 16v Kr it should fly.


This Caddy is a head turner amongst the traffic. And it makes people smile.

Volkswagen Caddy 1986 1.8 16v

Owner | Antti Eskeli @gleasygraphy

Suspension | Fk Coilovers, camber tops, home made drop kit and narrowed rear axle

Wheels & Tires | Tramont TY2 14x8,5 et8 & 14x10 et2, 195 45 & 225 40 Dunlop

Interior | Porsche 924 Tombstone seats, Nardi steering wheel, random stuff

Engine | 1.8 16v Kr (with a JH block), Double Webers, Dbilas intake

Exterior | Vw Manilla green paint, from euro to us spec front end with early Westy lights & grill, small bumbers, slight customization here and there


The owner Antti is a co-founder of CDLC.CO. 


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