CDLC.CO Tuulos Season Ender Meet 10.10.2015


Photos: Ville Mansukoski and Antti Eskeli


The time flies past, doesn't it? It seems like forever when we re-branded this community. And it was only a year ago. It feels that the Fitted Fest was ages ago. It's been just a couple of months. Maybe it's the amount of fun and good times we've had around this scene. Maybe the time just slows down, when you know how to focus it right.

The year 2015 peaked in a form of a Season Ender meet at the familiar Kauppakeskus Tuulonen two weeks ago. The winter was showing its marks already, and a special thanks goes to everyone that attended to the meet. It sure was chilly, but the atmosphere was warm.

But without further ado, go grab huge cup of joe, or a beer as it is saturday, and enjoy these shots taken by Ville Mansukoski and Antti Eskeli. 


Juuso's Skoda was a fresh example of how little you really need. Laying low with minimal style wheels. Sure works. The color scheme is just brilliant, without being boring.

A nice touch with the Martini livery. The Bentleys are not bad either.

Lots of people made it. Enthusiasts and locals as well. The community crows. The staff at ABC didn't expect this big of a turnout... they were sweatin', as well the guys at Kotipizza and Hesburger. It is very inspiring to notice that people are again very motivated.

Eero's tiny but mighty mk2 Civic made it as well. This rarity was just polished to match its former glory.


Something you don't see every day. A matte Prior Design widebody M-bodied 335 e92. 

We introduced the MURDRD mobile shop at the Tuulos Season Ender as well. After a few technical hick-ups in the morning, we arrived to Tuulos a couple hours behind our schedule but the bus sure worked like a pro at the meet. This thing will receive a lot of time loving care in the winter time and it will come back stronger (lower) than ever. 

Roni came by with his LeMans inspired V8 Audi. He ditched the Rotiforms for these new family members... 18 inch step up BBS Rs wheels. And suddenly very many red Porsches arrived....

Like this beautiful and coherent creation, sitting on Work Brombachers, by the guy behind Björnwerks.

This Techart widebody 911, with nonetheless than Work Meisters, was one of the few cars that received a complementary shirt. The weather turned quickly into quite chilly, so naturally people seek warmer environments. Unfortunately the owner, Matias Hatavara, fled the scene a bit early. Please, contact us so you will receive your award. Good work sir!

Lots and lots of variations and different styles, as usual. 

Mika's Audi Sport inspired livery, made by TopWrapz, has received loads of positive attention. Sadly, that night a lowlife scum broke into it and damaged the door by smashing a window. But if you know Mika, you know the Audi is already getting sorted out.

Eero's A5 received a lot of of modifications this year. Now repping a RS5 facelift, custom fender work and a new paint. Pretty cool, huh? And it sounds stunning as well. We did dig this, a lot.

It was very fortunate that Jori came by with his Kleinbus. We tried to get this to Fitted Fest, but sadly this beaty was in pieces back then. But now, it's back. Just look at it. What a classic, with plenty of drop. The polished Fuchs Five Spokes really set it off.

The rare sight in this event was JiiKoo's Lupo. Dragging all the way from Helsinki, it sure was a crowd magnet. "Mine's smaller" it says...


Despite the little-too-late date for the event, it sure was a success. New faces were met and old friends were greeted. The cold didn't really bother as it was such a blast to end a phenomenal year this way. Now... hustle in the garages and come back stronger than ever next year.

We'll see you guys at the Tuulos Season Opener 2016!


The awarded ones were: 

Eero Kallioniemi Audi A5 "RS5"

JiiKoo Volkswagen Lupo

Jori Nokela Volkswagen Kleinbus

Juuso Kostamoinen Skoda Octavia

Matias Hatavara Porsche 911 "Techart" 

Please contact us at cdlc.community@gmail.com, if you didn't receive the trophy shirt at the location and give us your shirt size and address. Thanks!