The CDLC Shop is open.

Text and Photos: CDLC.CO

The Dude: Klaus Uimonen



The long wait is over and the shop is open for the winter season / as long there's stuff. We are offering three t-shirt designs, one sweatshirt and one hoodie. On top of that are the stickers and the bags. Check out our "look book" below and if you like what you see, go visit the store.

All the shirts are handprinted at the CDLC Headquarters. The prints withstand wear and multiple washes easily. The shirts have a really good fit, not too snug and with good length. Not those square shaped shirts. Our sweatshirt is a new model with more length to it. We personally recommend to pick one size larger on the sweatshirts. 

The goods are shipped on the next monday from the order. Visit the shop from the link below.


The Shop