INFO: CDLC.CO Event Schedule 2015


2015 Meet Schedules

The weather is getting better and better. You can already spot stanced cars more and more amongst the traffic. The meets play a big part in our scene and we can't wait to get this awesome crew together. Old and new faces are very welcome to join.

We are helding four main meets this year:

1. Tuulos Season Opening at ABC Tuulos (outside) 11.4. 16.00 pm ->

2. CDLC BIG Meet at Jämijärvi 3.-5.7

3. JKL Fitted Fest '15 at Jyväskylä, Lutakonaukio 8.8 14.00 pm - 20.00 pm

4.Tuulos Season Ending at ABC Tuulos (garage/outside) 10.10 16.00 pm ->

More meet information and discussion (also smaller meet organizing talk) at the CDLC.CO/FORUM.