EVENT: CDLC.CO Tuulos Season Opening '15

CDLC.CO Tuulos Season Opening 2015
Second meet under the new name.

Text & Photos: CDLC


We held our Season Opening Meet last Saturday at ABC Tuulos. A meet, that is known of the quality in cars, has been organized in the shopping mall's garage, to this date. Last saturday we were blessed with a beautiful weather. As we arrived (Essi, Jesse, Niko and I) to the parking lot around 12 o'clock, we had no doubt whether to keep the meet in- or outside. 

We contacted the landlord, and as he is a straight up guy, he helped us out to make the outdoor meet possible. We set up our tents and banners and luckily the wind wasn't a problem this time. As the newest addition to the group, our mix master, DJ JDK needed electricity, we were ready to start after connecting a couple of cables. It was on.

First guys rolled in at 3 pm. The parking lot was quite packed at 4 pm, when the meet was scheduled to start. 

The timing for the meet was perfect. Week before was the ACS SHOW. Next week is the Auto Saloon. So an outside meet with chill atmosphere was something everyone needed. Niklas brought his Mk5, but not with the Watercooled Ind wheels. The Golf sat on the spotless RS wheels with oversized lips. The car is the definition of clean. 

This Mk6 shouts out OEM. Very fresh.

And when the meet peaked, this thing rolled in. Roni's beautiful 993 Porsche. Centerlock BBS wheels, fans, Martini livery, GT2 wide body kit, huge carbon wing... Any Porsche is a rare sight in our meets. Saturday, there was three of them, this 993, a 996 GT3 and a Boxster. 

More German design icons arrived, like this e30. The Hartge wheels really tied the package together. Sorry for the bumper tho, #tuulos2015 #worthit. 

Juha "Green" Rautiainen came with his minimal Mini. Simplicity works.

Audi is the new Civic, right? From the amount of them it really seems so. The German car maker has and always will be strongly represented in our scene. Here's a couple that stood out. Mika's RS4 faceswapped b8, an A4 with DTM bodyparts, a sweet Sportback A3 and Jussi's bagged bathtub. Both the latter with Speedlines and bags. Not to mention Ilkka's and Jape's RS4s. Can't go wrong with Audi (except with Allroads that break down the day before the meet). 

The positive surprise was also the amount and variety of Japanese models. There were retro japs, contemporary japs, convertibles, Vip cars, Kei cars, time attack and drift cars... Here's a few of them.

"Banzai motherfuckers it's time to get ill" -Juha-Matti Mölsä

But you know, the best thing still is the people. I met countless friends and made new ones that day. It really doesn't get better than that. And on top of that, a turnout of around 250 stanced cars makes one hell of a Saturday evening.

Lepistöworks crew attended with two incredibly low static BMWs. This orange e34 sure is something else. 17x12 BBS RS wheels in the back.

Naturally, Jani "Sensei" Mikkonen rolled to the meet, with another bagged ride. Air suspension is this guy's signature. This 5-series for sale, wink wink.

Porsches. Porsches everywhere.

Super cool theme on Vilu's Compact. Suits you, sir. #voikkaanasennuspalvelu

It is no surprise that our cars manage and get exposure in the bigger world as well. This Crown Majesta was just awarded at the Elmia show in Sweden. Owner Junnu Thusberg has spend countless hours to make the thing stand out. Now it does and it attracts a crowd everywhere it goes. It's safe to say that Junnu's Crown is one of the best Vip cars in the Scandinavia.

We have a way of saying thanks and picking out those who stand out. So we awarded a couple cars. Here's the list: 

Roni Collin, Porsche 993 "GT2"

Mika Hermaala, Audi A4 "RS4 faceswap"

Mikael Laukkanen, Hartge BMW e30

Jani-Pekka Hannula, Bmw e34 "LepistöWorks"

Aarne Suominen, Audi A3 Sportback

Janne Manninen, Audi A4 "DTM"

Here's two who got awarded at the meet. Mika Hermaala (left) and Roni Collin (right).

Summa summarum. Saturday was phenomenal. The scene lives, it's strong and it grows. Creme De La Creme Community has somewhat developed into a scene itself. We would like to highlight that we are not trying to be the biggest thing out there. What we are pursuing is to be something that gathers different stance oriented clubs and individuals together. If you dig mellow atmosphere, good people and beautiful cars, you are very welcome to join us in the next events as well. I drove back home, in the middle of the night, with a huge smile on my face. I hope you guys did too.