ACS 2015 @ Helsingin Messukeskus

Text and Photos: CDLC.CO


ACS 2015, short for American Car Show / Tuning Car Show, was once again held during Easter in Helsinki. This event is the kickstart for the season. Lots of people build their cars and bikes during the winter with this event in mind. Some of them make it to the show and some don't. Here's a short story from our point of view. 

Niklas' Ed bodied Civic was a pure diamond. Clean original paintjob, mint BBS RS wheels and air suspension. Sitting next to his Golf, reppin Watercooled Ind wheels.

Last time I visited ACS was around 8 years ago. Back then, it was mainly big body kits, flake paint jobs and cars filled with tv screens and large subwoofers. More was more back then. These days there are more fitment oriented rides. Clean and well thought combinations. Rare wheels and properly slammed static and bagged rides. Also some quite fresh retro Japanese models were spotted. Like this 260z. 

Toni Laari's 260z. Powered by a 2JZ. He received the Top Ten Tuning award.

Another rarity was this Aerocabin SoarerJZZ20 . Build by 16 year old dudes. Come on. This beauty got awarded with the "Young builder" trophy. Respectively so.

Then there was this well organized, minimal and very german, Audi section. Supported by Jape's RS4, Miko Mäenpää's A6 Avant and Jussi Mäkelä's Cabrio A4. Also companied by Roni Collin's very sweet V8 with DTM flavor and Rotiforms, of course. A diversity of Rotiforms, Le Mans', Speedlines and an odd bird set of Work Emitzes, were seen on the Audi Club's display.

Jape Tiitinen's Quattro Trooper.

A set of Work Emitz on an A6. Rare.

Jussi Mäkelä managed to squeeze the wheels in to the B6 arches and the car to the show even the strict time table considered.

We arrived to the set just 12 o'clock when the show opened. Due to re-organizing of the basic layout, we were quite lost first but we managed to catch up quite fast. It was a very positive surprise to notice the amount of cars from our CDLC community. And it was a very positive to see this bike as well. Our own, Taneli Anttila, got this CB125 as a birthday present last year from a group of his friends. And he rebuild it completely into something very cool. Kudos.

Another good example of reviving an old classic: a dropped Split.

The wheel game sure was strong amongst us. Trendy bronze and gold lips were spotted for our surprise.

Santeri Hiltunen's BBS Le Mans wheels got a fresh coat (over ten coats actually) on the lips.

Ilkka Lipponen's RS4 fat fenders were filled with Rotiforms.

And Ville Vuori's Imola Yellow S4 just got new paint on the Bentleys.

We are fans of fans.

Unfortunately the lighting was a bit off around the Tuning area and there was empty space here and there. But gladly the guys from Voikkaan Asennuspalvelu were keeping the spirits up!

Jani "Sensei" Mikkonen brought his -84 Nissan SSS Bluebird. Re-branded as the "Big Meet Taxi".

And then the Lahti division. Hats off to Juho Kärkäs with his custom Volkswagen Mk4 Golf. Or like someone said: "This is the new Caddy". It sure is. 

Juho's rides: an mk4 wagon and an ex mk4 wagon.

Guys from Göteborg area also repped strong. Viinikka's Civic turbo, part of the Violent Clique of Sweden, was one of the coolest Civics I've ever seen. The whole Japtoys group was a positive surprise. Vip, Jdm, lots of negative camber, super wide wheels, all that. 

Markus Viinikka's -88 Civic also received a Top Ten award.

R32 Nissan's rear wheel. Specs anyone?

Fresh color palette on this little hatch.

Samza also got the new bodykit on. That Aristo sure is mean.

Time always seems to be the problem. Too many interesting people and too many cool cars. Like Miska Kähkönen's Miata. Some of the cars came by pushing. This very low static Miata was driven there. Like it should be. 

And then there is Mika Hermaala. Dude never seems to disappoint. A bagged b8 with a RS4 front. Easily on of the best in the show. Where's the trophy?

The BBS LM's are loaners from Jape. But luckily, a new set just arrived for Mika's car. More to come...

What I could say. Everything seems to be in order. Things are rolling forward. Thanks to internet's powerful influence, we are building cars that match today's standards. Easily. I couldn't be more proud of that fact. And the fact, that most of the show's coolest cars came from our club, is just stunning to realize. Good work guys! Talking about stunners, here's a very contemporary Scion, by Timo Mäkinen. Ride low, park lower. Also companied by a Top Ten Award. 

Nardo Grey with purple wheels. A recipe for success.

Toni's cheek, Niko, Matti's forehead, Jape and Juho.

I will definitely add ACS, with a permanent marker, on my calendar for the years to come. 8 years wait was way too long. Maybe I will attend with my own car? Or maybe i will just push it there? We'll see. In my opinion this snapshot sums it up. Good people, lots of laughs, good times. Can't wait for next weekend's Tuulos Meet. See you there!