The story behind the first ever FITTED FEST


Photos: Antti Eskeli and Ville Mansukoski


The Prep: 

The Fitted Fest as a concept got started early this Spring. What was a cool idea in the back of our heads, turned more or less into reality after a succesful sauna night. In short: after the CDLC.Co was born, we had an idea that we wanted to bring out a more fresh and friendly car meet/show environment to the table. From the day one CDLC was all about taking the scene forwards in a positive way. Then one day we started to play ball with the ideas with Teemu Neulanen from JKL Facelift Club and the guys behind the TKU-JKL Connection. The concept started to take shape, and soon Niko and I were rolling towards the city of Jyväskylä on a beautiful Saturday a few months back. 

The winding road took us to the pretty much center of Finland. That was one of the key features to have for a car event, a good location for pretty much everyone. We had invited show cars from all over Finland, all the way from North to South, from East to West.

The skyline of Jyväskylä stands out from the rest. Lots of water, tall buildings, an exciting mismatch of everything. And the local people are just good folk all around.

Here's part of the organizers. Family Neulanen on the left, Matti (center) brought his dope R32 to the set for promo and he was our personal lorry driver, then Mika Hermaala and Niko in the back. The picture is missing Markus Karlstedt and myself.
We visited Teemu's and Riina's house that morning. Teemu is the one and only Finn who received this honorary award From Felgen Outlet a couple years back.

Janne Manninen's Audi was also set up for a promo shoot. It just resembles everything we stand for; low, clean, fitted.

The Lutakonaukio was mindblowing. The atmosphere, the space, the location. It just worked. First we were worried that can we handle and fill up the space. Now we are worried that can it handle us the next year.


The Fitted Fest:

What comes to the event itself, it was a success from start to finish. Naturally, as this was the first of its kind, we confronted a bit of unknown territory. As always, the time really flies when organizing something this big. Niko and I headed out to Jyväskylä after midnight on Thursday and we arrived to the hotel around 4 o'clock on Friday morning. Week before the Fest was really short on the slept hours. And so was the whole upcoming weekend, no surprise there. We, like all of the guys behind this event, were pretty beat up but extremely happy on Saturday night. 

On Friday morning we gathered on the area with Teemu, Makke, Mika, Riina, Ipe, Niko and I. As we had quite well planned everything before hand, there was still quite a lot of stuff to tackle. We started with the fences and positively got a needed help from the Jyväskylä city as well. A personal thank you goes out to the fork lift driver and to everyone who helped out with the event. We sorted out the main things on Friday and after a long night's sleep we started early on the next morning, got the permission from the fire chief and then the show cars started to roll in. 

We invited a hundred cars beforehand to the Show area. A couple couldn't make it but safe to say, we made our goal. Some car's were brought with the help of friends if the owner couldn't make it. Talk about determination. The quality was something we strived for. And we did succeed. The variety was also one important thing. We had a 60's Beetle. And we had a Super Trofeo Gallardo. And pretty much everything in between.

But without further ado, here is a set of stills taken by Ville Mansukoski, from the event itself: 

A rare platform combined with quality, coherence and style. Matti Jussila's famous e30 M with a supercharged e46 engine, air suspension and Hartge wheels took the honorary award from the XS MAG guys as the best german car.  

Large drop and large wheels on this Merc. Keeping it classy. 

Sauli Sälemaa brought his bagged Toyota to the Show. It really starts to find it's balance. No need for a Rocket Bunny kit here.

Niklas got his fans finished just in time. The details matter.

Klaus Uimonen's very well built Lada took home one of the Creme of the Crop awards. This little thing got airsuspension set just before the Fest.

The stunner of the Fitted Fest was Roni Collin's Lamborghini Gallardo equipped with a Super Trofeo carbon kit, Rotiforms and air suspension. I personally am really glad that we have guys like Roni around. Can't wait what plans he has already in mind.

JiiKoo rolled in with his s10 minitruck project. Still in the works but sure packs a lot of balls. One of the few legit minitrucks in Finland.

How about a set of custom BBS Amg Aero IIs? They sure do the trick and match the Mercedes body perfectly.

Another rarity was Matias Henkola's Tesla. Rocking custom ADV1 22 inch splits, oem air suspension modified by Björnwerks and a few mods for a cleaner ensemble.

Miika Juvonen's clean oem Golf was awarded with a honorable award including the CDLC Exclusive stickers.

This Lupo was really something that stood out. The color combination, the flares, the fitment. One of my favorites at the Show area.

Jani Vuorenmaa took the People's Choice at the BIG Meet this summer. Now the W123 was wearing the BBS RS wheels instead of the Mitos seen earlier. 

A couple S2000 were at the spot as well. Niko's Honda was equipped with Work wheels, jdm body parts and facelift mods. A thorough package.

Also quite a few cars arrived that rocked liveries or custom paint jobs. It seems that the livery scene lives strong and is taking serious wind under it's wings even in Finland. 

A healthy combination of classics and modern cars. Couldn't ask for more. 

Arto's Porsche won the People's Choice Award. No surprise really when you look at the coherence and timeless class that it represents. The BDC Family made a stunning participation: the Porsche, a bagged A4 and the mean S8. 

The event peaked around 7pm as we handed out the trophies. As always in our happenings the pick of the best is quite hard. Like the XS Mag guys said, the quality compared to the quantity was very high. So give yourselves a round of applause. 

The awarded ones were: 
People's Choice:
Arto Puolimatka Porsche 964 BDC 

Creme of the Crop:
Roni Collin Lamborghini Gallardo
Aki Härmä Nissan Skyline r32 "Itasha"
Ilkka Lipponen Volkswagen Golf Mk2 "Marlboro"
Serguei Troufanov Bmw e36
Klaus Uimonen Lada Wagon

XS Mag Best German car: 
Matti Jussila e30 m3 "Saloworks"

Henri Ylönen e91 BMW M-konversio
Aleksi Sainio Mercedes 190

Honorary Mentions: 
JVS Crew
Miika Juvonen Volkswagen Golf Mk6
Sami Tuukkanen Volkswagen Golf Mk2



The first of its kind Fitted Fest was something worth working for. And it will be worth making a tradition of. The only negative thing I personally heard from members of our community was that the guys from Radallecom acted like jerks and got stupidly wasted. It is safe to say that they are not welcome to join us in the upcoming events, based what happened in Jyväskylä.
To close this story I have to announce that even though the event was a success, we did drift in to a bit of a pickle within the organizers. Usually when you start working closer to each other you learn that your ways to do things appear to be quite different, compared to others, and might not work for the best considering the outcome, which was the event itself in this case. That is ofcourse very unfortunate, but what we got out of this, was a great lesson learned.

CDLC.Co will bring you the Fitted Fest '16 around the same time of the year next summer. Until then... Let's keep it low, clean, fitted. 

-Antti / CDLC.CO