STORY: First one down. Here's to 2016.

First One Down. Here's to 2016.




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We, well at least a majority of us, live by a cycle based on a certain amount of time. Whether it is a daily, weekly or a yearly cycle, we like to follow that rhythm. Car people mostly live by a yearly cycle. Why? Because the season tends to split generally in half around our hemisphere; the spring, summer and fall are the "active days" and the winter is the "hibernation period", garage time. Now as the year just changed and the cold dark days take over, it is time to spend reminiscing what a great first year we had under the CDLC.CO name. 

Our focus was to enliven the scene and help the community to grow as a one big family what it has been since this movement started around 2008. The Social Media was there to help. The IG account has been updated daily since the start and the active follower count is steadily growing. Our thing was to maintain the focus on our members cars and also cars from outside the community, but to keep the content mainly focused on enthusiasts who live in Finland. That of course needs a lot more work to keep the feed fresh and interesting. Especially in the winter times when this beautiful way of life slows down. We would like to highlight that without your daily grind around your cars, we wouldn't have nothing to post about.



One of the main things that personally splits our year in sections are the events under the CDLC.CO name. The year 2015 was blessed with more than great events. The Season Opening Tuulos, The BIG Meet, the new comer Fitted Fest and the Season Ender Tuulos were just great. All of them. The biggest surprise to us was the Fitted Fest, our first official happening. A good amount of visitors, 100 invited show cars and +300 meet visitor cars made the event to become something very unique. The day was pretty much perfect and surely was a good way to start an annual tradition. The Next Fitted Fest is still looking for it's ground to stand on in the form of location, date, concept... but we will inform you guys as soon as we get things on the paper. The BIG Meet was, like it has been always, a big family like get together. And we are very welcomed to bring ourselves to Jämi next summer as well. This time it will happen around June. The Fitted Fest will occur around the same time as last year. Our goal is to get the dates sorted around the first two months of this year and let you guys know.


Tuulos Season Opening '15

BIG Meet '15

Fitted Fest '15

Tuulos Season Ender '15

The CDLC Apparel has really blossomed. It is very welcomed to notice how much interested have the people shown towards our hand crafted goodness. What started from an idea and an interest to do these handmade prints with high quality, has now reached a point where the idea is more than idea. It is a vision grown into a brand. Small in scale, but big of it's heart. We receive a lot of positive feedback of the overall quality. This is the thing we do pursue in cars, wheels, performance parts... so why not in clothing? We are very thrilled to see the furure of CDLC Apparel. It is very cool and somewhat unreal to see these pieces of garment in the wild. And it is very cool to see these around the world. Like when Jape was sporting the Slogan Hoodie at the Nürburging or Tuukka when they where cruising the Tesla around Europe. And some are found around the States. Hopefully around the Asia this year as well.



When it comes to the Apparel, it is hard not to mention the MURDRD. After the Fitted Fest we sat down and discussed the options for the transportation methods for the apparel and the other event materials, which need around two vans these days. We stumbled upon a bus. An old low floor Danish made bus that drove a route around Helsinki a few years back. Air suspension as standard. Painted rough black. Had messy interior, but it ran and felt sturdy. We were supposed to take a deserved break after the long and big hassle around the Fitted Fest. But what do you know, we got ourselves a bus the next day. It had of course to be done for the Season Ender Tuulos. The whole interior was torn down and reupholstered. Now the MURDRD sports a fresh birch plywood, grey and black fabric and a black floored combo. The drivers seat, the bucket seat, and the rest of the seats for the passengers, was done as well and an apparel shelf with a multi functioning selling desk was accompanied by an integrated tv on the wall. The bus really stands out. Everywhere we went, we where stuck to numerous positive conversations about the origins of the bus. We hope that we have a slot in our calendars to pop possibly in the Austria or in Sweden and Norway this year for the upcoming events with this thing. The apparel part has been a great learning process for us. We started an year ago with no idea what we where putting ourselves into. Today we know a lot more about the apparel suppliers, hand printing techniques, materials, designs, quantities... And we are constantly evolving the process as we speak. We can relate to  the fact that it is good to do something with your hands.



One very important section of the CDLC.COmmunities fame is the exposure in the hands of others. CDLC.CO is very well and respectively represented by the top two magazines in Finland, the Gti Magazine and the Magazine. This is a very important gateway to reach the people we don't have a connection yet with. 

The obvious rant to close this text would be the same that the majority of car blogs have fallen into. Ranting about the continuing deterioration of the car life itself. But what we feel like is that the scene itself is just going through changes. It is easy to be and call yourself an enthusiast. It just needs money. The social media itself has had a very huge impact to the scene's set of values. It seems that mimicking others is the key. But hey, that's always been the case. Now you can just notice it from your own couch via your mobile phone. What we think is that the originality sets you apart from the others. Be an enthusiast for the main reason of it. Love. Love and continuity.



The continuity took over our slogan as well. Some of you might have noticed that our #lowcleanfitted slogan has now been replaced with #standingtallamonggiants. Standing tall among giants is what we are and what we do. We are underdogs, but we sure do put up a good fight. Remember the amount of BBS LeMans wheels on one cabin's yard at BIG Meet 2014? Probably more than in an average car meet in anywhere in the world. Where we lose in quantity, we excel in quality. The work and care you guys invest in your cars is just staggering. And that is what keeps us alive.

We have been first and foremost a stance oriented community since day one. But the scene evolves. Stance itself as a term has been around since the first commercially produced vehicle over hundred years ago. And the term evolves daily. By our slogan change, we want to celebrate that evolution. We were surprised to see so many purpose-built vehicles at out meets around the year. The cars don't always need to hug the pavement to look cool. They just need to look right. Maybe a bit more meat on the tires and a practical stance for those tight turning backwood tarmacs we have here? Sure. What we want to say is that whether your car is a track weapon, a drifter, a lowrider, a sunday cruiser, a slammed daily... You all are welcomed to join us. We know there is a bunch of enthusiasts who trust in quality and we believe that the CDLC.CO is a place where we all like-minded can meet. In the forums, in the SoMe, in the meetings and shows.

Here's a few random events that occured around the scene in Finland.



So what comes next then? A fresh new year has started. It really gives you a mental advantage. The days start to become longer, finally there's snow in the eastern parts of Finland as well, and even though the world is going through pretty drastic changes, it does feel a good time to be alive. What we do to survive is to proceed. And that is what we do with our beloved community. Carry on and see where it takes us. Have a great year guys!