BUILD: BMW e28 Touring

Alex Siren | e28 Touring

Text & Photos/Video: CDLC.CO

You know the feeling. The feeling we car people share. The craving. The thirst to pursue something out of reach. The idea of trying to get your hands on something you can only dream about. That is what makes us tick. For Alex, his dream was to own an e28 Touring. Doesn't sound so hard, does it? Well finding one, not to mention as mint as this, is quite far fetched and almost impossible. For Alex, it was about timing and perseverance. And advanced online skills. 


The car we have featured here is a Schulz Tuning built e28 Touring. These "limited editions" were a testing ground for BMW back then. And what do you know, the next generation, e34 had a Touring out of the assembly line. What the Schulz Tuning and BMW accomplished together was a groundbreaker for today's Tourings. 

This exact individual was built back in -87 and this specific car was exhibited at the Frankfurt show back then. Rolling out with the 525 spec, the car was later updated with more lively m30b35 with a Hartge headers. The original black color has been resprayed with Lunablau Metallic, which does vary from deep dark blue to almost black in certain light. 

The updated interior was reupholstered by a local service. The color of the leather makes the interior more spacious and open next to the classy deep blue paint. 

We know that there are thousands of BMW enthusiasts having heartaches by looking at this car. The ride height. The wheels. The stance. But from the start this was what Alex wanted. By bringing the e28 up to date and not messing around. Everything can be changed back to stock in a moment. Now it is still static but will most likely be converted to airsuspension for the summer.

The long and low roofline is bewildering. The massive drop exaggerates this feature making the quickly sloping rear hatch disappear in a way just before the wide rear lights. The shoulder line and the roof look almost chopped. The overall feel of the car is unlike. It feels as unique as it is. 

The 16 inch Futuras were a lucky eBay find for Alex's former BMW project. These were upgraded with wider stainless lips and the center's were resprayed gunmetal grey. Alex wishes to find a proper set of 17 inch wheels for better fitment and brake upgrades in mind. And yes, the M brakes are huge. 

To end this "world premiere" we would like to remind you that you can see this beauty live at ACS2016 young builders section this very weekend.

While shooting, there was still snow on the ground. We really hope that this will get a lot of kilometers already this summer on it's odometer. The car already has multiple buyers queueing for it. Even a gentleman called Burroughs... But still we hope that you both, Allu and the e28, will enjoy each others company for many years to come.