ACS & TCS 2016

Text: CDLC.CO 

Video: Antti Eskeli

Photos: Niko Aaltonen


The 39th American & Tuning Car Show this Easter was the kick starter for the season, and the deadline for the long garage nights spent during winter, for many enthusiasts. The exhibition takes place at the Messukeskus in Helsinki. The combination of American made vehicles and the various origins seen in the Tuning Car section, created an interesting blend of different styles. There were the crazy ones, the thoroughly thought ones, the budget ones and the ones that were made with love and with no expenses spared. In this feature we have selected a few interesting ones that stood out. 

Joni Kettunen's DC2 Integra was the perfect example of no expenses spared. From top to bottom built K20A engine wasn't only made performance and durability in mind, but it sure was aesthetically one of the most pleasing engine bays in the exhibition as well. The two trophies were more than earned. 

Performance oriented cars were clearly the thing this year and they are positively a rising trend. Like Teemu's 260z. Now the car has really found it's balance. The colors are matching from the Image wheels, to the RB26 powered bay and all the way to the interior. 

Ville Käki's bagged Beetle with "retrofitted" Corvette wheels stood out. The fitment is aggressive, not something seen on average Typ1 Volkswagens.

This time attack M3 e36 project was a typical example of a project that got out of hand. This should be fast on any track.

The simple patterns work the best. The Level None section provided cars from different regions and with different styles. Tuomas Haapaniemi's Volvo with Futuras was representing the classic style. 

Aki Härmä, in other hand, was on the wilder end of the spectrum with his redone 4 door r32. The Ben Sopra style combined with Rocket Bunny kit, Itasha Decals and stickers, deep Weds wheels and a wing that reaches the roof line. The rear wheels will find their way to the front and the rears will be, surprise surprise, widened even more with 8 inch outer lips.

Risto Puhakka's Jetta is a world class example of refined Oem style. From the front to the rear and to the interior, the car gushes with rare parts that make the Vag guys drool. Like the exclusive digital meter seen on the video. 


The "Young builders" section had both style and rarity. And the mandatory moped car of course. The Alex Siren's e28 we featured just before the exhibition, took the second place. The first place went to Antti Kiveläinen's bagged green W201 Mercedes with Brabus wheels. 

This FD3s Rx-7 was now swapped with the LS1 engine. This was in a project state one year ago. Due to regulations, this and as well the Pajalle.com 4motion converted Scirocco, were really positive projects to see. 

This s13 could be straight from the streets of Japan. Everything about this is loud. But loud works when you do it right. And when it is built by a 17 year old guy, you can only salute the man. Kudos!


Markus Viinikka's visit was as positive surprise as ever. The guy lives in Sweden and happens to own the coolest EF Civics out there. By a quick glance, the car seemed to have received a few strong modifications compared to the last year. The Work Meister Cr01 wheels, Bride Gardis seats, full rollcage, new paint in the bay, super cool cut-out fenders and possible lot more what we missed out. Representing Violent Clique with style.   


The exhibition was surrounded by a lot of talk about the organizing, the cost, the quality and about the concern of the whole future of the concept. This kind of exhibition as a concept seems to be a bit oldish and inconvenient both for the enthusiasts and the average visitors. 

The amount of quality cars is dipping every year and the prices seem to rise. For a single visitor this isn't such a drag, but for example for families the prices are very significant. We personally hope that the FHRA behind these exhibitions would make a change in the direction as the prestigious event is turning 40 next year.
We as individuals, as a scene and a media are very interested in visiting Sweden's Bilsport Performance & Custom Motor Show in Elmia next year in comparison for better bang for the buck.

In a hindsight... considering these exhibitions, it is about meeting the friendly familiar faces of our fellow enthusiasts and seeing their creations. This is the major reason we attend and keep attending in the future.