SHOP: New Season. New Apparel.

 New Season. New Apparel.

Text & Photos: CDLC.CO 


As the season officially starts tomorrow, we wanted to celebrate this by making a new lineup of CDLC Apparel for you guys to enjoy. And what would have been a better opportunity to give you a glimpse of our Print House as well. Without further ado, this is where the magic happens in terms of manufacturing the hand printed quality goods. 

The new lineup consists of three new t-shirts, a hoodie and a sweater. Also a new sticker pack was added.

All the new prints are kinda like updated versions of the original 2014-2015 prints. The Burgundy hoodie and the classic sweater found their way back to the shelves. Both are back stronger than ever.

The center lock vintage wheel with the slogan is a triumph to the good ol' racing days. The bear with the Futuras represents todays aggressive yet classy style. As the stance trend builds more and more towards purpose build vehicles, we wanted to bridge the gap and feature both, purposeful and crazy individualism, under the CDLC scene and apparel. 

The original logo and the slogan are here to stay. If you pay attention, you might spot the new 4-way lug wrench logo in apparel, stickers and at the MURDRD Mobile Shop.

We are thankful for your support since day one. See you guys at Tuulos tomorrow!

-Niko & Antti | CDLC.CO