EVENT: CDLC.CO Fitted Fest '16

Fitted Fest '16


Photos: Ville Mansukoski & Antti Eskeli

Lahti, the city known for it's colorful past (and present), skijumping, radio towers, Finnish reggae, design heritage, energetic car & motorcycle culture, just to name a few, was the beautiful and understanding host of this year's Fitted Fest. Located at the pretty and cozy Lahti Harbour, next to the Vesijärvi and the Sibeliustalo, we were able to organize an event that stood out by it's quality and atmosphere. Around 70 invitation based cars were representing the stance culture's finest and the rest of the parking area was quickly filled up. The event had a wide spectrum of enthusiasts and their cars, from older american muscle with hydraulics to the modern day German supercars. 

The July seemed unfortunately to have a bit of a curse on the enthusiasts and last minute show car cancellations did occur. But luckily there were numerous super positive surprises on both Meet and the Show areas, like Juho Kärkäs and his just remade Bora. Now the red interior popped out more than ever next to the Chevrolet's grey paint and red wheels. Without a doubt, this car took one of the Creme of the Crop trophies home. 

Fitted '16 was delivering a variety of platforms from freshly facelifted Audis to rarely seen VIP platforms. Can't really tell that Jani Mikkonen's LS is wrapped, right? Jani has been a groundbreaker before and he didn't disappoint with his new daily. 

We featured Alex Siren's super rare e28 Touring in the early spring while it sat in the garage. Now the car received a new set of Hartges, just the right size this time. This clean combination was awarded with one of the trophies. As was Juho Jääskeläinen's BMW "Aplina-ish" E30. The white and grey palette was breathtakingly minimal and fresh.

There were familiar faces from last year as well and the more e30's, the merrier. Matti Jussila's unique e30 M3 was sitting pretty next to Eemeli Vuorela's one of a kind 2JZ Volvo. Eero Kallioniemi luckily managed to receive a new headlight a couple days just before the event. His A5 has gone through numerous changes, easily being one of the cleanest A5's on Finland. 

Every single car earned their place at the Show area. Every single one. And every single one had their interesting details and stories to tell. The one of the most expected cars to arrive was Tuomo Valkkio's Datsun Minitruck. A class act in detailing, craftmanship and innovation. This car took the People's Choice trophy by a mile. Personally the few glances taken towards this car wasn't nearly enough to get on the same level with this build. Tuomo is the kind of person who seem to have a clear goal and he stays in the lane. We cannot wait to see what will be the next phases for this zero-bondo bare metal minitruck. Even the floor panels were beadrolled...

The guys from BDC Familia always deliver. The newcomer to the family was the R8. Bagged, Rotiformed and enhanced with subtle highlights from Prior Design. The R8 was in the top three in People's Choice vote. The crew brought also the modernized classic 964 and Aapo Torkkola's Audi A4. Kudos, guys. 

Some who were unable to bring their cars, brought their wheels. Step up BBS RF's by Saku Katila

This very clean mk3 Cabrio with Asia-bound Work wheels was a breeze of fresh air by Jussi Mainonen. And as we got to the Japanese stuff... Aleksi Tiippana got his S14a pushed to the next level by adding tons of width in form of a Rocket Bunny kit and some ridiculously wide Work Equips. 

And the world famous oil cap was also there. Listen to the sounds of Joni Kettunen's Integra on the video below. It's wild alright. Wild enough to take home one of the Creme of the Crops.

You cannot have a car event without the iconic Golf Mk1s. Here's a three good examples with similar recipe. Mint body, mint BBS wheels, proper drop. The yellow one, that belongs to Antti Koski, just got a new 16v 1.8 lump with nonetheless than twin Webers. The brown bagged one, owned by Antti Suominen, drove the car to the event all the way from Naantali and the red stunner got new set of fully polished RS' from the owner Aleksi Tulonen this summer.

JVS Crew was also repping with the whole squad. The attention to detail on their cars is immaculate. World class right here. The famous Jimi Jokela's Scirocco is evolving as always, rocking the old set of Work Emitz wheels. Go check the latest on his IG account. 

After Fitted '16, it was very unfortunate to hear that this Joni Virkkala's W204 Mercedes was hit by a drunk driver while parked. The good news is that the car will be repaired and brought back stronger than ever. 

We mentioned the facelifted Audis in the start of this writeup. Here is Aarne Suominen's take how to make your Audi a bit more contemporary in the vastly evolving world. A B8.5 A4 with ceramic polished and powdercoated candy red LMs, made by Rimfix. Just spot on and spotless.

The car that was very visible in our event media, made it to the spot just the right time. Mika Hermaala's Audi has probably taken it's final form under Mika's care and he has new solid plans already what to do next. It probably will be an award winner and a world class build, like this one. 

Also Markku Myyryläinen's bagged r32 with Work VS wheels "made a scene" like Jukka Hyökki's freshly widened and painted #fat964. The interesting thing noticed at Fitted '16 was the mixture of recipes. A German car with Japanese wheels and vice versa. These blends do work. 

And what would have been a better way to end a sunny (and a bit rainy) day than getting Gettomasa up on the MURDRD's roofrack to perform a gig. And like a real gentleman should, he signed a few cars on the way home. Like Alexander "Alkku" Schüler's Shakotan Datsun's hood and Väinö Leimu's Saabmw's sunroof. 

And so the day turned to night. The afterparty was held at the Ace Corner Finland. The CDLC.CO crew unfortunately had to miss out the party due to venue disassembly schedules. The next day we were more than happy of the outcome. Tired? Yes. Happy? Hell yes! The second Fitted Fest of it's kind was a success.

We never underestimate the strength of fellow enthusiasts and like always, you guys never disappoint. Until the next one... Keep it up! 

The awarded ones were: 

People's Choice:
Tuomo Valkkio Datsun Minitruck

Creme of the Crops:
Juho Jääskeläinen BMW e30 "Alpina-ish"

Juho Kärkäs Volkswagen Bora

Jori Nokela Volkswagen Kastenwagen

Alex Siren BMW e28 Schülz Touring

Joni Kettunen Honda Integra