Photos: Matti Tirronen Photography, RWJFilms, VM Media, Paulus Poutanen & CDLC.CO
Videos: Vellamo Visuals (official F17TED video), Santtu Kilpinen Photography &
Matuvic Productions

Where you go in Finland when you wanna see the best of modern car culture in one sitting? Our beloved event, Fitted Fest turned three this summer and it has made its mark to the Finnish car scene. This year, the F17TED FEST, filled up the Lahti Harbour better than last year, and the variety in both show cars and visitors cars was very broad and high in quality. From clean and mean show cars from different regions and styles, american muscle cars to high performance drifters, F17TED has got you covered. Below you can find the official video of the event, a wide coverage from a couple different photographers and a story by yours truly. So go get yourself a big cup of coffee and enjoy this post about our main event.

Official F17TED FEST video by Vellamo Visuals.

The Fitted Fest is altogether a pretty compact setup. The time schedules, pre organizing and work at the site is tried to keep as reasonable as possible and it is maintained with a small but effective group of very committed people. As we arrived the day before, we build the event area in record breaking time and had a few hours of sleep before the main day.

The Saturday started early and actually our first car washer was on the spot before us. Lahti VPK guys were truly our saviours, as the Lahti region is very stricted when it comes to washing cars, because of the restrictions due Lahti being "ground water area". Everything went better as we expected and the VPK guys were nice enough to offer the car owners morning coffees as well.

The arrival of the show cars was very effective as well. Our Wingman guys directed the cars into place and as soon the rain stopped, were the owners able to get the vehicles dried up and ready for the show. 

The variety was broad, from modern Porches to classy Mk1 Golfs. And we even had two i8 BMWs at the spot. 

Quickly the Show-area was full and we were able to open the doors a bit earlier than expected. People started to show up...

We wanted to build a credible set for the Show-area. As the majority of our visitors are well-known with the community's values and style, we still wanted to get a variety of cars that would please other folk as well but naturally we wanted to stay true to the community's values. Our goal was to have a set of cars that represent the best what the car enthusiasm is today.

We were lucky to have a few cars from abroad as well. Such as this tiny but mighty iQ from Russia and BastardCats! Miata as well. The Miata took a Connoisseur award due to its super clean looks and strong fitment. 

This mint "Swedish Countach" came to visit us from Sweden. Repping the OijOij crew, this coupe Volvo was a surprisingly fresh outcome.

E-P Paavola's MK2 Golf made its first appearance in our events. It was a positive surprise as we have invited the car a couple events before. The clean looks continue in the bay and in the interior as well.

Roni's aggressive street style drifter lost its clutch on the way there. A stylish S14 is not a common sight in Finland and we awarded this with a Connoisseur award. As you can see from the one picture, team effort is everything!

Martti Vatka's CRX had one of the cleanest bays at the event. He was awarded with the Connoisseur award, without a doubt.

Our newest addition to the CDLC Convoy is a Honda Ruckus. It was 100% stock at the Big Meet in the start of the summer. As the MURDRD bus didn't receive drastic modifications this year and our personal car projects are on hold, we still wanted to bring something to the table. So we build a slammed scooter project which aren't that common sight in Finland, yet. With the help of The Ruck Shop, we got the needed parts to make this thing mean, lean & loud. It wasn't as straight forward as we endured some technical problems, but we managed to get it up and running just in time. The Brooks grip tapes were laid on the bars the day before the event and we were good to go. Our judge's wanted to give the respect for the quick but awesome build and the CDLC RUCKS received one Connoisseur mention. 

Toni's RS4 b5 was a stunner in it's dark appearance. The car received yet more suiting set of wheels, centerlocked BBS e56 beauties, just in time for the Season Ender and the car was there with a set of new shoes this Saturday. Different Audis were presented in many shapes and sizes, like Janne Loikkanen's red RS4 b5 and @kivajoona's A6 on Rotiforms.

Mikael Laukkanen and his Tic Tac e30 deserves a special mention. The guy didn't really get any sleep for a couple of days before the event and he blew his rear tire on the way. That didn't stop him fortunately and he made it to the spot just in time. 

At Fitted Fest, it is all about having good time with your old and new friends and bringing your creation out there for others to see. We had a great variety at the Meet-area from street drifters to classics and modern cars. 

This performance oriented Volvo by Lauri Likonen was also awarded with a Connoisseur award. The car was a guidebook example of a Scandinavian performance build.

The old classic Mercedes above was a cool sight to see. The BBS RFs did the car justice. So did the board on top.

As the day is hectic to the organizers, there's always time to catch up with old friends. 

The quality of the cars in the Finnish scene has risen in a few years through the roof. A perfect example of this is Mika Koski's S5 Audi. The car has always been super clean and coherent. Now, for a surprise to all of us, it is the first Liberty Walk kitted car in Finland. We would have loved to award this one, but we now that Mika will take it even further and make it perfect in every way. Till then...

Tony Hakku's wide GT-R was a trophy worthy car. His vision was questioned by many, but the outcome was aggressive and super clean. The plus 600 horses keep the car paced up to its looks. 

The supercar section was presented by the Speedhooked guys. 

Bruce Wayne aka Roni Collin never ceases to surprise. His newest creation, a batmobile-esque Huracan is a rare sight, with an unique Thule concept rack sitting on the roof holding a bike that suits the ensemble. 

Mika's ice cold TT was also present. The car is pretty much done and new adventures are just around the corner. #goodvibesonly

Jori's Merc was an easy choice for winning one of the Connoisseur awards. Look, he threw a new set of BBS LM's into a lathe and made the two piece classics into three piece stunners. For some, the car might represent the "wheels and lowering" phenomenom in the scene, but for us, it was all about making it respectably and oh so cleanly. 

And then there is this gem. Klaus Uimonen (owner) and Esa Mäkeläinen build this rare eastern jewellery in the course of 1,5 years. A Gaz Chaika, which were built for the big bosses back in the day, was completely build to match the highest of standards. The car itself is restored and the customizations are done without harming the originality of the car. In other words, it can be changed back to original if needed. The scope of the build covered aspects such as fully custom air suspension, a high end hi-fi system nicely tucked away and unique wheels by CNCPT wheels designed just for this car. It sure had presence and it took the People's Choice prize with no surprise.

The day quickly turned to the end and Stepa & DJ Massimo threw an awesome gig. The sun made a stunning appearance just in time. After the gig it was time for a pizza & bullshit and a whole lot of dissassembling the event area.

We would have loved to award more people. Simply the level of the cars was very, very high. But we managed to pick out a good variety and we felt that the selected cars did justice to the event and to the scene.

People's Choice:
Klaus Uimonen & Esa Mäkeläinen / GAZ Chaika

Martti Vatka - Honda Crx
Roni Rusanen - Nissan S14
Tony Hakku - Nissan Gtr R32
Jori Kangasvieri - Mb W212
Pavel Morozov - Mazda Mx5
Lauri Likonen - Volvo 240
CDLC.CO - Honda Ruckus

CDLC.CO and the whole crew thanks everyone that attended and made the event as great it was. The car enthusiasm lives well and surprises us positively in every turn. Next year's events might experience some changes as we are a constantly living concept. And it is our ten year celebration next summer ;) 

There were many good photo- and videographers at the spot. Thanks guys for your effort. Here is a couple very good flicks to see as a bonus. 

An aerial video by Santtu Kilpinen

Matuvic Productions