Fresh Slap, DBDS (Sakura)
Fresh Slap, DBDS (Sakura)
Fresh Slap, DBDS (Sakura)

Fresh Slap, DBDS (Sakura)

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Make your ride smell fresh and look good doing so! 

On the DBDS freshener you'll find a black & white combination on different sides with our Death Before Driving Stock slogan. Scented with a crispy "Sakura" aka cherry blossom.

  • One freshener in the package.

  • Sakura scent. Sealed packaging for maintaining the scent.

  • Size: 73 x 100mm

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We are strict about clothing. It needs to fit, feel and look a certain way. CDLC.CO Apparel is our ambition to pursue a perfect piece of clothing for a fellow motoring enthusiast.

Our apparel is long lasting and made from proper materials, to make you look good while cutting your project car to pieces.