187 week bundles

187 week bundles

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Good amount of goodies! With so little amount of euros.

We made three different "187 Week Bundles" for you guys & girls to pick from.

39 € BUNDLE:

  • This bundle includes: three sticker packs + three fresh slaps

  • Package worth 58,50 euros, now only 39,00 euros.

  • Discount -33,3%

59 € BUNDLE:

  • This bundle includes: a snapback + a print + a tote bag + a travel mug

  • Package worth 92,00 euros, now only 59,00 euros.

  • Discount -35,9%

89 € BUNDLE:

Quality Beats Quantity

We are strict about clothing. It needs to fit, feel and look a certain way. CDLC.CO Apparel is our ambition to pursue a perfect piece of clothing for a fellow motoring enthusiast.

Our apparel is long lasting and made from proper materials, to make you look good while cutting your project car to pieces.