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CDLC.CO Media Share Policies


CDLC.CO is one of the fastest growing car enthusiast related media in Finland. We like to highlight that this couldn't be possible without your impact to the scene.

In our social media we share posts of rides from Finland's finest Motoring Culture. And that of course, wouldn't be possible without your effort considering a car photography.


Our media's aesthetics have followed our community's guidelines since day one. Simple, clean and high quality look in our media has been achieved by an uniform and coherent design in our posts.

In some cases this has unavoidably meant that the photography's original watermark has been cropped out. Understandably this has caused discussion in cases that we have for a reason or another forgot to ask a permission for modifying the original photos. 


We use CDLC.CO's watermark with the photographer's name added on every picture we share. This is because we want to give the photographer credit but also want to keep our feed's content uniform.

We always tag photographer and the ride's owner in our posts. This is because we like to give credit for both enthusiasts that put on some effort towards this post. Either by building the ride itself or to take amazing photos of it.

If, for some reason you don't like us to share your photos or you want your photos to be removed, please let us know personally by mailing to this email. Thanks!